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UK Bond Network enables quoted and unquoted companies to access £0.5m to £4m of guaranteed debt finance, directly from UK investors

What we deliver

  • Flexible, guaranteed finance

    Finance tailored to your requirements, guaranteed through our underwriting relationships with institutional investors

  • Speed and efficiency

    A fast yes or no answer after your enquiry, a term sheet within 5 days, and funding delivered in as fast as 6 weeks

  • Competitive borrowing rates

    Investors bid competitively to finance your business, with interest rates starting at 9% per annum

UK Bond Network provided us with a flexible finance solution during a period of rapid growth.

Their distribution platform and professional approach was a great solution for us.


How lending works

  • Despite multiple investors collectively financing your business, you only have one point of contact - UK Bond Network, and one payment destination - our custodian.

    We work with businesses that either have tangible assets they can offer as security, or stable cashflows that can support our debt, and predominantly fall into one of two categories:

    1. Asset rich but cashflow poor: We seek assets worth at least the value of the finance sought
    2. Cashflow rich but asset poor: We seek profits amounting to at least 50% of the finance sought

Tailored to you

  • Repayments

    You can tailor the repayment of principal, including interest-only options, over terms of 1 to 5 years. Repay monthly, quarterly, or biannually with the option to repay early after just one year, penalty-free.

  • Security

    Whether your business is cashflow rich or asset rich, we aim to find a solution that works, but never one that includes personal guarantees. We use fixed assets, all assets debentures, and negative pledges to give investors the protection they need to finance your business.

  • Reduced coupons

    Choose to reduce your interest payments by offering investors performance-related returns, tied to the future performance of your business. Warrants, convertibility, or other bonus payments can be incorporated, triggered when your business reaches key milestones, and all at your discretion.

  • "UK Bond Network gives businesses the opportunity to create bespoke bonds on terms that suit them."

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