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In November 2015, CommuniGator aimed to raise £500,000 via UK Bond Network to help facilitate the next stage of their growth plans.

  • The two-week auction generated a total of £680,000 in bids, with investors bidding competitively at rates of between 9% and 12% to take part of the Company's £500,000 requirement. Ultimately, the bids at the top of the interest rate range were knocked out, bringing the clearing rate down to 11.75%.

    Established in 2005, the CommuniGator Group provides a wide range of marketing automation tools to SMEs through a scalable online platform.

I am sure that there are many, many more privately held businesses out there that would benefit from the fund raising method and style of UK Bond Network.


Key auction statistics & Headline terms

  • £500,000

    Amount Raised

  • 11.75%

    Interest rate

  • £15,814

    Average bid size

Funding required£500,000
Term36 months
Coupon11.75% gross per annum
Repayment36 months, amortising monthly
SecurityAll-assets debenture, Guarantees & Fixed Charges
UnderwritingThis bond was underwritten for the full requirement of £500,000

  • Kevin Byrne, Executive Director at CommuniGator, spoke about his experience raising the funding:

    “We are a privately owned business in a dynamically growing market; there are plenty of opportunities to grow our business but as always, costs will precede income growth. We had no debt other than a loan from one of the directors/shareholders and not even a bank overdraft facility.

    “We looked at a number of options but preferred debt rather than equity funding and, through a previous business relationship, we got in touch with UK Bond Network to see if they would be interested in a discussion. They were, and early on in the process, it became obvious that there was a good match. A minor but important component for us was the lack of requirement of personal guarantees - the Group has sufficient assets to act as security for the funds raised. I wish Banks would act more like this!”

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