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Integritie sought £750,000 to capitalise on the rapid growth that they were experiencing, moving away from their services business to solely offer their scalable, cloud-based application.

We selected UK Bond Network as they provide an exciting new way to raise money without losing equity.
The outcome was impressive. We received a valued finance solution that enabled us to focus on our strategic growth goals.


Key auction statistics & Headline terms

  • £1,000,000

    Amount raised

  • £18,868

    Average bid size

  • 14%

    Interest rate (gross per annum)

Funding required£750,000
Term24 months
Coupon14% gross per annum
RepaymentInterest-only year 1, fully amortising year 2
SecurityAll assets debenture and negative pledge
Additional returnBonus payment related to the future sale of the company

Integritie issued an early repayment notice at the end of June 2016, signifying their intention to redeem the bonds 4 months ahead of maturity and in the days following, repaid all remaining interest to the 48 participating investors.

Investor feedback

Here's what some of the Integritie Bondholders had to say after the successful redemption:

  • "UK Bond Network's Integritie Bond offering was well put together and well presented. It looked like a good company raising finance for a sensible purpose at a sensible rate. UKBN's documentation was well-orgaised and seemed comprehensive.

    The deal did what it said on the tin and I am pleased to have backed it."


  • "I am very pleased with my investment in Integritie and its early exit. The interest rate was very good and all payments were on time.

    So far I have found the platform excellent and all investments have paid back on time, both interest and capital.

    I have found Chris Maule, CEO and Founder, to be honest and reliable, unlike some people I have had the misfortune to deal with regarding investments in the past! He always answers the phone and responds quickly to any questions - I wish him and his team the best of luck in the future."


  • "You obviously did good diligence and selection of the Integritie Bond. It was attractive to me for its interest rate, reasonably short term and possible share in proceeds of any sale.

    The early exit was conducted as expected, retaining the rights to sale proceeds as described in the offer document and at all times I was kept informed."


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