Introduce your clients to flexible, underwritten debt finance

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We deliver between £500,000 and £4,000,000 of funding to both listed and private businesses

At UK Bond Network, we work closely with accountants, lawyers, brokers and financial advisors to connect with established businesses seeking funding.

Our Process

We maintain a relationship-driven approach with your client throughout the funding process.


    1 minute

    Take 60 seconds to register and submit your referral. Your dedicated contact on our Lending Team will respond to you within 1 business day.


    Up to 4 weeks

    Once we've completed a review of your client's business and our due diligence, we will meet the mangement team, agree the terms of the finance, formally engage and structure the debt.


    3 weeks

    The fundraise consists of a week-long period for investors to review the opportunity before it opens for investment for two weeks.


    2-3 business days

    Your commission will be paid to you when your client draws down their funding, typically 2-3 working days following the raise.

What we deliver

  £500,000 - £4,000,000 of debt finance

 Funding guaranteed by our institutional underwriters

 No upfront fees

 Solutions for both listed and private businesses

 Terms of 12 months to 5 years

 Rates from 9%

How much can you earn?

UK Bond Network's standard fee per transaction is 5% of funds raised, typically with 20% of that going to the introducer. In some circumstances, however, UKBN may receive a smaller fee; for example, we charge a reduced fee if your client introducers their own investors. Take the following scenarios for example, where UKBN raises £1,000,000 for your client:

  • Scenario 1 - Simple

    • UKBN charge your client 5% of funds raised, which is £50,000
    • You as the introducer receive £10,000 (20% of UKBN's fee)
  • Scenario 2 - Investors introduced

    • Your client brings a high net worth investor to the transaction (perhaps a director or a family member) who invests £300,000
    • UKBN charge a reduced fee of 2% for the introduced £300,000 (£6,000) and 5% on the remaining £700,000 (£35,000), totalling £41,000
    • You as the introducer receive £8,200 (20% of UKBN's fee)
  • Please note:

    The examples above have been provided for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change. Once you've signed up as an introducer, please refer to your introducer's agreement for further details. Commission is paid following the successful completion of the fundraise.

Our lending criteria

  • To be considered for further review, your client must:

    • Have substantial operations in the UK, OR
    • Be listed on AIM or the LSE

    AND satisfy at least one of the following:

    • EBITDA greater than £350,000, OR
    • Tangible Unencumbered Assets greater than £500,000