About Corporate Bonds

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Corporate Bonds are regulated debt instruments which act as an I.O.U. between the Issuer (usually a business) and investors. We use bonds instead of other debt instruments, such as loans, as they offer greater flexibility during the structuring process.

The flexibility of bonds

  • Transferability

    Corporate bonds are by virtue transferable; any of our bonds which have a term longer than 12 months will have transferability built in

  • Security

    Securing the borrower's debt benefits investors, and incentivises borrowers to repay the debt

  • Additional upside

    Bonds enable performance-related upside to be incorporated, such as royalties, warrants, or convertibility

Even if bonds are secured, security may be insufficient or difficult to realise. Please read our Risk Warnings.

Protecting investors

  • Segregated Client Accounts

    UK Bond Network does not hold client money including investment cash. Client money and client assets are held in the investor’s name by our FCA custodian, Jarvis Investment Management, who arrange settlement, safe custody, nominee and associated services in accordance with FCA rules. By entering into the Investor Agreement investors agree that Jarvis will act as their agent and will arrange for their cash and investments to be held in separately designated and protected accounts in accordance with FCA rules.

  • Professional Due Diligence

    We work closely with our legal advisors who conduct verification of all information provided by businesses to ensure that it is true and correct. All bonds are structured with assistance of legal advisors, including the implementation of appropriate covenants and the perfection of security, providing investors with added protection in the investments they make.

Our three steps to investment success

  • Credit Assessment

    Our experienced Lending Team analyse the company's financials, business plan, and management team

  • Due Diligence

    We conduct an extensive due diligience and information verficiation process, which is signed off by independent legal advisors

  • Structuring

    Our Transaction Team works with our legal advisors to structure the bond, putting in place covenants to enhance investor protection

Your capital is at risk when investing. Please read our full Risk Warnings.

Your comprehensive suite of offer documents for every bond issue

  • Company Presentation

    A verified presentation detailing the borrowers business model

  • Term Sheet

    A summary of headline terms of the bond, including details of security

  • Financial Information

    Latest company accounts

  • Return Illustration

    Repayment profile of bond, including any performance-related upside

  • Legal Documentation

    The full suite of legal documents which form the bond

  • "A well-regarded platform which sets its stall by a high level of due dilligence"

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