Setting your targets for 2018 – and making them achievable

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Setting your targets for 2018 – and making them achievable

Happy New Year! Three days in, your inbox has no doubt been inundated with wishes for an amazing and prosperous 2018. You may have even made some early progress on your New Year’s resolutions already – but, by this time next year, will you be looking back at noticeable progress?

Resolutions (or goals) are an important part of both personal and professional development. From a young age, we are taught that long-term goals are important, but rarely can we picture the finish line. This inevitably leaves us feeling deflated if we don’t reach it, or too overwhelmed by the prospect to even start in the first place.

So, rather than one or two big goals, break your targets down into smaller chunks this year to make them more realistic, measurable and above all, achievable.

Work backwards to move forwards

A micro-goal is different to a long-term or short-term goal. The point of a micro-goal is to keep you enthusiastic and running off your own success in a shorter space of time.  

To create micro-goals, take your overarching goal and break it down firstly into a short-term goal and then into multiple smaller tasks, each of which you can easily complete within 30 minutes. For example:

Long-term goal: You want to become proficient in Python, the coding language, by the end of this year.

Short-term goal: To complete a beginner’s course online by the end of January.


1) Search Google for available courses

2) Choose a suitable course and sign up

3) Complete the first lesson

Dedicating 30 minutes, three times a week to these micro-goals would contribute 78 hours of your year to learning to code. Better still, by waking up 30 minutes earlier than usual to complete a micro-task would cause your efficiency to skyrocket.

Prioritise your micro-goals and keep note

It’s easy to come up with 50 micro-goals to achieve in one week which would all be doable if you weren’t already busy with the many things that demand your attention in everyday life.

Plan, in order of priority, what you can realistically achieve in a set space of time and if the micro-goals require tailoring then a simple adjustment can be made. This will be important in keeping your enthusiasm and motivation high - long into the year.

When you open your email inbox at the start of January 2019, make sure that you are looking back on the amazing and prosperous year that has just passed; then, start planning again.

3rd January 2018

By David von Dadelszen

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