Pillar 3 Disclosure

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The Pillar 3 disclosure of UK Bond Network Limited is set out below as required by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”)’s Prudential Sourcebook for Investment Firms (IFPRU). This follows the introduction of the Capital Requirements Directive (“CRD”) which represents the European Union’s application of the Basel Capital Accord. The regulatory aim of the disclosures is to improve market discipline. The Pillar 3 disclosure also covers the Firm’s remuneration arrangements in accordance with the FCA’s Remuneration Code.


UK Bond Network will be making Pillar 3 disclosures at least annually.

Media and Location

The disclosure will be available on request by contacting:

The Compliance Officer
UK Bond Network Limited
5th Floor
CAP House, 9-12 Long Lane


The information contained in the Pillar 3 regulatory disclosure document has not been audited by the firms independent appointed auditors and does not constitute any form of financial statement.


UK Bond Network Limited regards information as proprietary if sharing that information with the public would undermine its competitive position. Proprietary information may include information on products or systems which, if shared with competitors, would render the firms investment therein less valuable. Further, UK Bond Network Limited regard information as confidential if there are obligations to customers or other counterparty relationships binding the firm to confidentiality. In the event that any such information is omitted, we shall disclose such and explain the grounds why it has not been disclosed.